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Release date: May 24th, 2016

OpenNCP Release Notes

The OpenNCP 2.4.1 release is now available via the JoinUp repository.

This release fixes an issue related to the Audit Manager component which causes errors when the Order Services (retrieve and list are called).

This release is the final result of different testing healthcare events and mainly the Connectathon 2016.

Included components:

ComponentVersionChanged in
current version
Client Connector3.5.4Yes
WS Server3.5.4Yes
OpenNCP Portal4.3.4Yes
Security Manager2.1.1No
TSAM Sync7.4.3Yes
Stork Plugin1.2.0No
ComponentVersionChanged in current version
OpenNCP Util1.4.2Yes
Configuration Manager2.0.2No
TRC-STS Client2.0.3Yes
Audit Manager4.2.3Yes
e-SENS eID richclient1.1.0-rc18No
e-SENS eID esign-main1.1.0NO



Main changes:

ComponentVersionMajor changes


1.4.2Update of the Audit Manager dependency
Audit Manager4.2.3Bug fixing [AM-25]



  • The OpenNCP Portal artifact was compiled towards the Liferay Portal version 6.2.5 artifacts - this is the recommended version of the Liferay Portal.

Artifacts Location:

Change Log:


Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution



Issues by AssigneeIssue by ReporterPriorityCreated Vs Resolved
Average # of Times in StatusAverage AgeProject Heat MapLabel Heat Map


  1. This is a very special moment.

    jerome.subiger, thank you for the release management.

    It was your 1st, so I can imagine how hard, challenging but special. 

    Congrats for that my dear.

    In the name of  PT (as user of OpenNCP), I would like to appreciate to appreciate and congratulate all Countries and Partners that have invested time and money to make this release possible.

    As I said, for me it is a very special one and I'm sure good even better ones will come after, namely now that we are getting close to operation and the level of exigence is higher.

    Let's pave our way without underestimate the challenges ahead but celebrating how far we've come!

    Congratulations OpenNCP Community!

  2. jerome.subiger

    xsltransformer, TSAM-Exporer and CDAUtils did not change in this version, they were already in version 3.2.2 in OpenNCP 2.4.0.

    1. Absolutely, my copy/paste mistake especially that cdadisplaytool is marked with "No change" flag. Many thanks Joao.