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Release date: November 9th, 2012

Release notes

Release 1.0 of the OpenNCP, based on the original SRDC NCP, with many additions and enhancements by OpenNCP team.

  • ConfigurationManager 1.1, which contains
    • Configmanager 1.2
    • TSLEditor2.4
    • TSLSync 2.7.5
  • util 0.2.3
  • datamodel 0.3.3
  • consentmanager 0.2.1
  • assertionvalidator 0.2.1
  • security-manager 1.1
  • auditmanager 2.3.5
  • openatna 1.2
  • transformation-manager 1.0.15
  • trc-sts 1.0.1
  • terminology-service-access-manager 1.0.9
  • TSAM Synchronizer 7.2
  • ProtocolTerminator 1.0
    • ncp-pt-utils 1.0


Implementation for the Country A role is based on the Axis2 framework. There are three service endpoints (XCPD, XCA and XDR). The following operations are implemented:

  • Identification service, operation getIdentityByTraits(). Only search by patient ids is implemented. One or multiple ids may be used for identifying the patient.
  • Order service, operations list() and retrieve().
  • Patient service, operations list() and retrieve().
  • Dispensation service, operation initialize(). Operation discard() is not implemented.
  • Consent service, operation put(). Operation discard() is not implemented.

Interfaces for connecting the international part and national connector gateways are included. Some instructions are provided on page Integration of Protocol Terminators with National Connector, and developers can study comments in the code of the interface classes.

Note that there are certain memory leaks in NCP-A. This issue is to be fixed in 1.1.


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