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1 Comment

  1. From: Massimiliano Masi <>

    Date: 19 Feb 2015 14:43:08 WET


    Subject: e-SENS WP5.2] 6.3 meeting in Berlin


    Hi All, 

    Very short recap of the Berlin meeting. 


    Olaf and Ben did a great work of presenting eID. The outcome planned is to create 2 ABBs and one SBB:

    Smartcard Integration ABB (featuring the FutureID Client) LARM ABB (feat. LARMs), and FutureID SBB, 

    that we can integrate on our plan. 


    Trust models whitepaper has been presented, suggesting direct, direct brokered trust, and indirect trust

    models. The technology is either SAML tokens or Certificates. The direct brokered trust using SAML assertions seems to be the preferred one. The idea is to have a trust model implemented by an 

    access point who serves multiple sectors (e.g., justice, health). 


    WP6 leader and the lead architect (Eric Grandry) are working towards having a TOGAF alignment of 

    the e-SENS architecture. SAT, SBB, and ABB are envisioned for Domain and Implementation views

    as well. Example: 


    Common Architecture: eDocument SAT -> Domain Architecture: link to hl7 specs -> Implementation SAT: eP/PS.


    This would may let us reconsider the pilot timeline.

    @Marcello: what is the status of the eDocument BB?


    No particular news on eSignature. 



    Massimiliano Masi,


    Tiani ``Spirit'' GmbH

    Guglgasse 6

    Gasometer A

    1110 Vienna