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What modules are implicated:


  • TM: Yes
  • TSAM: Yes (if languages list from LTR)
  • TSAM-SYNC: NO (except if improvement of synchronisationby Steen)

What must it be implemented

  1. Create and send a list of eligible languages to CARECOM for setting eCRTS (see note 1) 
  2. Check multi-translation
    1. when 1 is ready do synchronisation and check availability of translation in LTR 
  3. Add unit-tests for multi-translation in TM  (TSAM?) 
    1. (i.e. In TM, indicates the right parameter (targetLanguageCode) in translate(epSOSCDA, targetLanguageCode) instead of translationLanguage in property file)
  4. Present the list of eligible languages on NCP end user interface
    1. I propose to change the end user interface with languages available in LTR  
      1. if yes, implement or find a get_language_list function 
    2. Or just a file (????)
    3. Or country B

Functional description

    • Translation for PAC will be handle by country A
    • Translation for PAC will be available in eCRTS
    • NCPA have to load all eligible translations from eCRTS  into one LTR (it was decided to have only one LTR)
      • CARECOM has to flag eligible downloadable translations (from a list of eligible translation) in HealthTerm
        • A translation is eligible for PAC:  
          • If all valueset translated
          • If respect procedure of administration and review
          • If no business constraint exist for this country
        • Eligible languages should be:
          • fr  (French)
          • it (Italian)
          • de (from Austria)
          • sp (Spanish)
          • sk (Slovakian)
          • others to complete
      • TSAM-SYNC will Download only new data available
        • Incremental SYNC
        • With several translations the SYNC could be longer (to be tested)
      • Download only translations available for country A, handle by eCRTS (ie Snomed translation for Germany) 
      • How to know if a new version of translation for country B is available:
        • When any change in the MTC is introduced by a PN, the PN has to start the Change Management process, in accordance to the procedure defined by the CAG (only procedure, where maintain set of lang
      • Only one translation per language (ie: fr-FR for French and not fr-CH)
    • What can be display (list of languages) for user interface (to be discussed)
      • static html
      • from central service
      • portal B
    • LTR already able to handle several designations for one CODE_SYSTEM_CONCEPT in DESIGNATION table
    • add a configuration option (PAC_option) to support  PAC
  • TM, TSAM:
    • In TM, indicates the right parameter (targetLanguageCode) in translate(epSOSCDA, targetLanguageCode) instead of translationLanguage in property file
      • TSAM: This will call in TSAM: getDesignationByEpSOSConcept()) in DESIGNATION table of LTR


Note 1:

Change Request #262: Assign atuhorisation to PNs to download MTC designations f other PNs

  • Author: Marcello Melgara
  • Status: New
  • Priority: P2 - High
  • Assignee: Marcello Melgara
  • Category: Technical Implementation
  • Target version:
  • Originating PN / epSOS: epSOS
  • Complexity: 1
  • Gravity: 4

It is requested to extend the authorisation to all PNs piloting PAC service the access rights to MTC designations of the oper PNs.

The actiity is conditioned by the decision of PSB (06/02/2013) and the completion of Change Request 261.

It is requested to proide the effort estimation