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Release date: August 14th, 2015

OpenNCP Release Notes

Included components:

ComponentVersionChanged in
current version
Client Connector3.5.0 
WS Server3.5.0 
OpenNCP Portal4.3.0Yes
TSAM Sync7.4.0 
Stork Plugin1.2.0 
ComponentVersionChanged in current version
configuration-manager2.0.2 Yes
e-SENS eID Client1.1.0-rc18Yes

* Recompiled


Main changes:

In this version was implemented:

  1. Implementation of the eSens eID Level 1 (LARMS) on the OpenNCP Portal

    1. The Patient search form now has the ability to test for the existence of a running FutureID client on the PC and use it if there is a smarcard reader and the patient has given the doctor his/her eID card.

    2. An artifact for the FutureID client is available on the joinup repository.

  2. Bug fixes.


  • The OpenNCP Portal artifact was compiled towards the Liferay Portal version 6.2.2 artifacts - this is the recomended version of the Liferay Portal.

Artifacts Location:

Change Log:


Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution



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1 Comment

  1. Dear OpenNCP Community,


    Allow me to share with you that a new version of the OpenNCP is now available: OpenNCP 2.3.0-RC0.


    This new version is a Release-Candidate, and it has integrated the Level 1 (LARMS) of the eID Building-Block (from e-SENS) on the OpenNCP Portal, plus some bug fixes.

    Please find more details in the Release Changelog and Notes:


    We kindly ask you to adopt the new version with the underlying caution, taking in consideration that this is a Release-Candidate and it is still in QA review.

    -          We appreciate if you communicate, as usual, the issues identified through the OpenNCP Support Board.



    - OpenNCP 2.3.0-RC0 Release Changelog and Notes:

    - OpenNCP Knowledge Base:

    - OpenNCP Support Team:

    - Artifacts Location:



    Best regards,

    Rui Alves
    OpenNCP Community